Starbite Fresh Homade Italian Food In Bristol


Roberta Garbarino

Food brings people together in the whole world

I come from Sardinia, a beautiful island full of culture and tradition.

Since I was a child, my family and all the people around me taught me the importance of eating well.

As an Italian passionate about eating good food, I took the decision to start this small business and share some of my tastiest dishes with you.

Where Does My Passion For Cooking Come From?

My father and my youngest brothers are bakers.
My oldest brother is a pizzaiolo and also a good cook.
My mother has always organized traditional lunches and dinners with large numbers of relatives.
My mum also shared her passion for cooking with me and I learned from her.

Healthy Food

I buy the best quality ingredients and cooking all the dishes by myself gives me the chance to put only the best quality ingredients inside the dishes i make. When I cook for other people  I  feel that they notice how much care I take  preparing my dishes.
In Sardinia my father has a small farm, and we have the opportunity to eat fresh meat and vegetables all the time.
My parents in law have olive trees and they produce their own extra virgin olive oil. They also love sea fishing so we are used to eating and cooking with fresh fish too.
For all these reasons I always buy the best ingredients in Bristol too.